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    6 Tips to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

    6 Tips to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

    Published by Claire Burke USA
    Sep 14, 2020

    There are so many options to make your home smell amazing: candles, room sprays, diffusers, electric warmers, simmering oil, potpourri, and wax melts just to name a few.


    Not only emit a wonderful fragrance but they also add to the ambience and help create a mood.

    Room Sprays

    Allow you to control the amount of fragrance you release in the air.
    Diffusers are an excellent product to use when you want a constant stream of fragrance and you are not able to watch a candle.

    Electric Fragrance Warmers

    For more continuous scent, you can place these throughout your home without worrying about your pets knocking them over. Each fragrance warmer refill provides reliable scent for 30-45 days, so you’ll always feel confident that your home smells great.

    Simmering Oil 

    Creates an inviting atmosphere with our fragrant simmering oils. Simply add a bit of oil to a pot of water and heat it on the stove to let the fragrance waft into the air.


      Has lightly fragranced natural botanicals that smell and look amazing. Place them in a bowl or vase of your choosing for a nice accent to your decor. The larger the opening the better the scent will emit into the air. You can add home oil to the potpourri to strengthen the scent.


      Secrets to Mindfulness at Home

      Secrets to Mindfulness at Home

      Published by Claire Burke USA
      Sep 14, 2020

      Take A Time Out. 
      Psst, you heard me, we all need to take a time out. First off, where did the Summer even go? More than ever with all the changes and additional stresses of the day, we need to find a way to decompress, escape if only for 10 minutes, even though we can’t go anywhere. Our homes have become our offices, our children’s class rooms and now maybe you feel trapped by your own 4 walls. Quarantine for months and feeling a little isolated. Are you going a little crazy? I AM!  How many times can you reorganize your closet or clean out your kitchen drawers? We all need to take a TIME OUT…for ourselves.
      We all need a reset for Fall. Ask yourself how can you make your surroundings a little more comfortable, a little more zen. It is important to make your space feel refreshing and calming. Make it a place you can just chill. You have to be mindful and take some time for just you and setup a space for “me time”. You can do this with fragrance and textures. Add a diffuser that emits a beautiful scent into the air and a candle to set a relaxing and calming mood. Add new pillows, a throw to your sofa, setup a special corner just for you, get cozy! Turn on some soothing music and pour a glass of wine….I do almost every night!  Put some time aside and pour yourself a warm bath, escape for an hour.
      It is the little things that will let you take a time out, give you a moment to yourself, to reset, recharge, and re-energize. You deserve it.

      Creative Ways to Use Home Fragrance Oils

      Creative Ways to Use Home Fragrance Oils

      Published by Claire Burke USA
      Sep 14, 2020

       We all like things that smell nice. For instance, when we pass by someone and go mmmmm? “What fragrance is that” or walking into a friends home and it smells lovely, like fresh flowers, baked apple pie, or an exotic fragrance you can’t quite put your finger on, but it’s wonderful!

      I have some great ideas that I recently tried using Fragrance oils in my home to make my clothes and home smell delicious. I tried using only Home fragrance oils to see how they would work and got some great results. BTW, they are more versatile than essential oils and there is a huge variety out there to suit everybody’s taste (or sense of smell).

      I’ve been using a couple of the Claire Burke oils, most recently the Apple Jack and Peel Fragrance Oil. Apple Jack and Peel is the perfect fall fragrance and if you love the smell of Apple Pie or Baked Apples with cinnamon, you will love the smell of Apple Jack and Peel in your home. It’s calorie free too!

      Growing up in Canada I remember walking outside and breathing in the crisp cold air and all the winter fragrances that go with it. Believe it or not, I used to jog in the freezing cold weather, and the scent of fresh fir and pine trees was amazing. I’ll be using the Fresh Royal Fir fragrance in my home next month to get me in the winter mood.  It’s a favorite Holiday fragrance in our office as well!

      Now, here are a few ways I use the oils in my home, and you can too, so that your home can smell delicious, or lightly fragrance your clothes or maybe, ‘take you away’ to a serene place or happy memory, or just mask your pet odor. (Original fragrance is used by pet owners around the country!)

      Home Fragrance Oil Tips & Tricks 

      1. Create your own air freshener by putting a few drops of oil into a spray bottle and add water.

      2. Spray the mist a few times to fragrance the room.

      3. Put a drop or two on a cotton ball and rub on a light bulb. (not incandescent or halogen)

      4. Add a few drops to the wax in a wax warmer unit to enhance the fragrance output.

      5. Add a few drops to stationery or envelopes to share your love of fragrance.

      6. Add 3-5 drops to a cotton square and make your own dryer sheet.

      7. Freshen your drawers with a cotton ball or cotton cloth moistened with your favorite fragrance

      8. Gather some Pinecones and put them in a bag with several drops of Christmas memories or Fresh Royal Fir Home Fragrance Oil and shake it up. Put them in a bowl where you can smell them every time you walk by.

      9. Add several drops of oil to the water in a plug-in diffuser. It’s an easy way to fill your rooms with fragrance.

      Create a Sacred Workspace at Home

      Create a Sacred Workspace at Home

      Published by Claire Burke USA
      Sep 14, 2020

      Working from home for awhile? Same. 

      It’s one person’s dream and another’s nightmare: working from home. Your anything-goes dress code is accepted, but a dysfunctional home office with endless distractions is not. Working effectively where you eat (and sleep, and play) and luckily for you is challenging for most people. Luckily for you, I have mastered the art of working from home and have laid the groundwork for curating a space that will inspire your work, brighten your day, and soothe your senses. 


      The foundation of a sacred workspace is creating it in a room that you will want to work in... and more importantly, gets you out of bed in the morning. A healthy home office starts with being clean.
      Instead of purchasing an array of eye-catching desk accessories that make your space feel disorganized, find minimalist statement pieces that match the theme of your home office. Consistency is important for creating a unified look. Keeping everything pretty and organized is important since there’s no escaping it on weekends and in the evenings. At the end of each work day tidy up your space to ensure you always start the next day off to clean and productive start.
      claire burke home fragrance - tips on organizing calming workspace at home


      There's no right way or wrong way to setup your workspace, but it's important to make sure a desk not only reflects your personality but is setup to make you the most productive human on the planet. Creating an orderly environment will lead to better focus and help you execute tasks faster. It's important that every object on the desk has a "home" and that you incorporate a filing system or simply a basket to keep meeting notes, pens, etc. You can also pull up tray for keyboard for my keyboard, which also frees up space on your desk.
      claire burke home fragrance - create office from home


      To limit distractions, make sure that you have all the essentials nearby, including basic stationery, notepads, paper clips, headphones, coffee mug as well as your other workday tools. I personally keep a crazy amount of water at the ready to avoid having to go into the kitchen frequently, otherwise I will snack, snack, snack. If you're like me and get easily distracted while working on the computer, try keeping as few tabs on computer as possible.
      claire burke home fragrance - create a office from home you love


      Good lighting will improve your productivity and help you focus throughout the day. Try taking advantage of the natural lighting in your home by positioning the desk close to a window. Stark fluorescent bulbs aren’t known for sparking productivity and dim lighting can lead to headaches and cause one to strain their eyes.



      It's important to take some time for yourself in the morning before work. Take small and frequent breaks to do five minutes of yoga. 


      Scent helps me set the stage for the creative process. I always light a candle to set the mood, which creates a warm and calming effect in my office. 

      light candles in your home office to create calming work space - claire - burke


      Adopt a plant helps reduce airborne allergens, pollutants, and even stress. No workspace is complete without a touch of greenery and there’s many easygoing plants that can thrive indoors from natural light.

      greenery - home - office - plants - claire - burke


      Good lighting will improve your productivity and help you focus throughout the day. Try taking advantage of the natural lighting in your home by positioning the desk close to a window. Stark fluorescent bulbs aren’t known for sparking productivity and dim lighting can lead to headaches and cause one to strain their eyes.

      Candle Care 101

      Candle Care 101
      Find out how to make your favorite Claire Burke candles last longer and release the same great smell that you love with our best practices for candle care. Learn How!

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