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    EST. 1957

    Whether it comes from art, fashion, cuisine, nature, or literature; from there, Claire Burke created an entire world, from the fragrance itself to the bottle or container to the packaging.
    The result, “extraordinary and exceptional fragrance” – and only those deemed worthy of that description make their debut. We incorporated the signature scent mindset and take a more modern approach that incorporates a wardrobe of home fragrances into one’s scent aesthetic.  

    This is my retreat from all of life's stresses, my home. A place where I can surround myself with favourite objects, sounds and scents. The heirlooms from my grandmother, the imported silk from my trip to Hong Kong, the roses and lavender potpourri in the parlor, all the things that give this place the style that makes me feel comfortable. I am more myself here than anywhere else. For in this special place I can feel the tradition of my family roots, the generations have grown up here all loving the details of this structure. So many things have remained the same over the decades, the way the sun always streams through the east window, the creak in the floorboard, just the feel and the fragrance of everything that makes this home our home. It's like a family tapestry that only gets richer and warmer with time.